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Founded by ARTHUR_LEE aka ALPHA, URSUSTHEBEΛR® is a Canadian street-cult underground label, inspired by street culture with a dose of metal.


The OG signature Lion-Like Bear Headed motif represents the strong and powerful form of a bear with the nobility, pride, and wisdom of a lion. The label promotes the idea of strength, boldness, and courage to strive for excellence in the cruel world via its creativity and crafts. 


ALPHA (the mastermind behind URSUSTHEBEΛR®) is a Canadian designer, underground singer and the founder of ALPHAMATIC WORKSHOP®.  After graduating from the British Columbia Institute of Technology majoring in Digital Arts and Media, he moved to New York City to pursue his interest in street culture and continued his studies in Design and Textiles. In 2008, he launched the label - URSUSTHEBEΛR®.


URSUSTHEBEΛR® presented its second collection at Vancouver Fashion Week in 2009. The label held its first exhibition: COURAGE x INTEGRITY at the 798 Art District, Beijing in 2010. In 2013, ALPHA founded his overseas headquarters, THE NEW ROUTE DESIGN LTD®, in Hong Kong. In 2014, URSUSTHEBEΛR® opened its first physical store DEPARTMENT® in Taipei and set up his workshop A(R)TELIER DELTA in Delta BC in 2016.


ALPHA continues his creative path via different platforms, creating sub-labels such as Daybreak, Beavy Industries, Revelation (ALPHA-OMEGA), MAJOR x MINOR and collaborating with other companies and groups worldwide.

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